Supporting Grassroots Football Campaign Pack

Local sports teams play a really vital role in our local communities. Not only do they bring thousands of people together – they also do great community work and have proud heritages that are part of the history and culture of our local areas.

Many football clubs, especially those further down the pyramid, are facing greater and greater financial struggles – especially after Covid-19 – and many need our help and support.

Moreover as community representatives it is really important for us to engage with local sports teams and support the great work they do in the local community.

ALDC have gathered together some campaign resources to help you support your local football team in your area.

A simple Council Motion, calling for the Government to support the ‘Fair Game’ manifesto to provide fairer funding for football clubs further down the pyramid and give fans a greater say in how their team is run, can be found here (provided by Kendal Liberal Democrats who recently became the first Council group to pass such a motion).

To support your campaigning on this issue ALDC have also provided a Template Press Release, a Focus Drop-In Article (PDF preview here) and some Social Media Graphics (PDF preview here).

A further advice article, from Cllr Chris Hogg on Kendal Town Council, on how to get more involved with your local football club, and the community work they do, can be found here.

We would be very keen to share your own tips and experiences of supporting grassroots sport in your community. Please leave a comment if you have some good campaigns to share or if you would like us to provide further resources that you will find helpful.

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