MyCouncillor Websites

We provide free websites to support your online campaigning and talking to voters. They’re called MyCouncillor but you don’t need to be a councillor to use one – you could set one up to represent your ward or local campaign team. They can be packed with functionality or kept as a simple online business card.

Resource Library

The Resources Library contains hundreds of searchable practical items such as Focus leaflets, logos, and fonts. It also contains job role-specific resources for agents, local chairs, membership secretaries, and other bits to aid the smooth running of council groups.

Council Motions

We share good council motions so that you can tailor and re-use them for your area. If you have a good one to share, send it to us.

Approval and Selection Toolkit

Approval is an important part of candidate selection within the Liberal Democrats. We have an easy-to-follow process to aid you in your approval and selection of candidates that’s consistent, fair and open.

Council Group Toolkit

The Liberal Democrat council group is the building block of how we work together on the council. Find out about its role within the council and wider party; how council groups operate and model standing orders.

By-Elections Toolkit

The By-Elections Toolkit is coming soon. Watch this space…