Who Can Join?

Anyone can join ALDC. If you are a member of the Liberal Democrats, then you can become an ALDC member.  ALDC membership is super useful for any role you may have in campaigns, on the council or in your local party structure.


Follow the link to see our prices and which membership type suits you best! ALDC also provides some hardship and circumstantial discounts to our membership costs. Please click here to find out more.

Group Membership

We have over 160 Council groups in ALDC Group Membership.  Click the link to find out more and find out why Lib Dem councillors are choosing Group Membership of ALDC. Please click here to find out more.

Full List of Benefits

A full range of benefits particular to each membership type is shown below.  If you wish to know more about a particular aspect of what we do or our services, please enquire to find out more.

Benefits of ALDC Membership