Local Business Campaign Pack

As we continue to emerge from Covid-19 lockdowns supporting small businesses in our community is more important than ever before.

ALDC has produced a Local Business Campaign Pack to help you engage with businesses on your local high street.

A Business Survey is an excellent way to introduce yourself to local businesses, build relationships and support them with the issues they face. You can find a full-colour survey here (PDF here) and a two-colour survey for local printing here (PDF here).

Ideally you should book out some time to go shop-to-shop hand-delivering your survey. However if you have addresses for local businesses in your ward and wish to post your surveys some cover letters are attached here (PDF here).

ALDC also produced a template Council Motion a couple of weeks ago to call on your Council to promote Small Business Saturday and to take further actions to support local businesses throughout the year. If it’s not too late to use it for your November Full Council Meeting you can access the motion here.

Finally we have produced a template Business Focus for you to deliver to your local businesses as a follow up to the business survey – allowing you to report back results and support them going forwards. You can find the full-colour template here (PDF here) and a two-colour template here (PDF here).

Jackie Nixon says

This is really helpful, so thank you. Unfortunately it's coming out far too late for us to act on. We need more than 2 weeks to prepare and deliver a capmpaign.

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