Campaign Pack: Sewage – 2024 Update (Wales only)

We have updated our resources on the Sewage Scandal in Wales – as new figures have been released showing a huge increase in the amount of raw sewage released into Wales’s rivers and coasts last year.

Across Wales the amount of sewage dumped doubled in 2023 when compared to the previous year – with over 1 millions hours of sewage discharging taking place and 115,000 separate incidents.

Sewage continues to be a major issue for voters – and a scandal for both the Welsh Labour Government and the Conservative Government in Westminster who are allowing it to get worse.

The Liberal Democrats have a clear and comprehensive policy on this issue. We are calling for a National Emergency to be declared, the introduction of a Sewage Tax and the creation of a stronger independent regulator with powers to issue unlimited fines to polluting water companies.

You can check out the 2023 statistics for your area on the Sewage Map provided by The Rivers Trust.

On the map you can zoom into each discharge point in Wales to see how much sewage was spilled in your area last year. You can also select the Investigate tab and look at the specific data for each local authority area.

Using the map linked above we have updated our template materials to help you campaign on this huge issue in your local community.

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