Three key things we need to do to win in Wales in 2022

It is now under a year until the local elections here in Wales. This gives us a real chance to bounce back and make a significant impact in Wales.

There are three key things we need to do now to give us the best possible chance next May.

  1. Select target candidate now

We know that selecting our candidates early (and re-selecting sitting councillors) gives us the opportunity to campaign for as long as possible – and that helps us win.

Local Parties need to get started on the process of selecting their target ward candidates now (and deciding their targets, if they haven’t done so already). The ALDC Approval and Selection Toolkit will help you do this.

Also, start thinking about how you will find paper candidates. Our long term success depends party on always giving people a chance to vote Lib Dem. If we leave seats uncontested, we look weaker as a party. We will be running training to help you in the process of recruiting candidates.

  • Start campaigning – Summer survey

Early campaigning has great impact. The old adage that a door knocked before Christmas is worth two afterwards is no exaggeration. Surveys, canvassing and leaflets are all vital in building up our reputation as local champions.

Get started with ALDC’s Summer survey. 

  • Build your team

Candidates and councillors can’t do it all on their own. The Summer is a great time to build up our team and recruit new people.

ALDC will be sharing training and tools to help you do just that over the next three months.

ALDC is working with local members and the Welsh Party to support you. This includes:

  • The ALDC Kickstart weekends – on 2-4 July 2021 and 26-28 November 2021 – are the party’s gold standard training events.
  • Regular training online, see what’s on here.
  • Welsh material and templates, including bi-lingual and English-only material.

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