Toolkit: Approval and Selection

Those areas with local elections next year will be well on the way (or have already) selected their council candidates for their key council wards.

However for those of you who have yet to start, there are some useful materials available in the members’ area of the ALDC website.

Even if you are simply looking for a slate of ‘paper’ candidates, running a basic approval and selection process is important to make sure that you don’t have anyone standing who may cause problems for the party at a later date.

The whole Toolkit can be found here along with the templates.


Candidate approval tracker
Questions to have answered before starting process


Candidate application form
Candidate search letter
Candidate agreement target seats
Candidate agreement non-target seats
● Council group standing orders – example from Portsmouth Lib Dems
Councillor job description and person specification
Candidate approval covering letter
Email to Chairs to get process started


Approval panel guidance
Approval panel pro-forma
● Decision letter – approved/ deferred/ rejected
● Training for panel members


Selection timetable
Returning Officer check list
Letter to candidates
● Reply slip – PagePlus and PDF
● Selection advert – PagePlus and PDF
Letter to voting members

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