RESOURCES: Schools Pack

Education is an issue close to our hearts as Liberal Democrats.

As schools are squeezed more and more by Tory cuts and Labour council failings, it’s a perfect time to make our messages heard at a local level.

We’ve produced a schools campaign pack, which is full of resources, tools and inspiration to help you campaign in your local area.

You can work through this campaign at your own pace, but we’d advise running it consecutively over several months. That way voters will hear and understand your message, because it will have been repeated many times.

Before getting going on the campaign, we advise you to come up with a plan. Think about:

  • Activists – How are you going to involve them in your campaign and encourage them to join you?
  • Photos – Do you already have a photo bank with pictures at local schools and/or with children that demonstrate education? If so, are you absolutely certain you can use them for your campaign? With pictures of children, it’s vitally important to make sure you have the consent of the school, and where possible, the parents.
  • Emails – Think about how you are going to share your campaign more widely. Through emails? How are you going to use the campaign to gather even more emails? As with other forms of communication, try to give opportunities for people to feedback, get in contact with you and donate (yes, some people really do donate to issue campaigns!).
  • Website – Make sure you have stories launching your campaign and keeping residents up to date. If you’re planning to run a survey, make sure there’s an online version too.
  • Speak to people – Everyone knows that getting out and talking to residents on the doorstep is vital. They’re right, but too few campaigns incorporate other chances to speak to people, so why not try a school gate survey?
  • Literature – How are you going to publicise the campaign and engage with people? Surveys are a great tool for collecting data and understanding how the electorate feel about a local issue, but you must also report back. We have produced a community campaigns checklist which details the different ways you can communicate about one campaign.

In the first month of your campaign, we suggest you start with a couple of surveys: one to headteachers and one to parents and guardians at the school gates.

Here’s the full list of downloadable files from parts one and two: 

We recommend you start by taking a look at the whole pack.

  • Look at the whole pack – PDF – PagePlus
  • School gate survey full-colour – PDFPagePlus
  • School gate survey two-colour – PDF – PagePlus
  • Headteacher survey – PDFPagePlus
  • Focus full-colour report back A4 – PDFPagePlus
  • Example email report back – Text
  • Example press release – Text
  • Example letter report back – PDFPagePlus
  • Example headteacher letter report back – PDFPagePlus
  • Schools campaign photos guide – PDF
  • Petition sheet template – PDFPagePlus
  • MyCouncillor petition success template story – Text
  • Facebook petition graphic – Jpeg
  • Direct mail petition letter – PDFPagePlus
  • Direct mail DL insert – PDFPagePlus
  • Focus drop in Pupil Premium – PDFPagePlus

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