Volunteer with ALDC

We’re extremely lucky at ALDC to have a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable campaigners on hand to help win elections.

From training and mentoring, to sharing information and designing training, our volunteers help make ALDC the fantastic resource it is for winning local government elections.

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Hear from some of our volunteers – Hilary, Caron and Edward – about their experiences.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please get in touch. Contact me, Abi Bell (pictured), volunteering officer via abi.bell@aldc.org or call 0161 302 7532.

Hilary Stephenson, volunteer mentor at Kickstart

“ALDC is a great place to get practical help and share ideas, especially as they focus on local government success. I think Kickstart is the most effective training in the party and I love volunteering as a group mentor.

“I really like the difference in the groups I have worked with. The range of sizes, experiences and what stage their campaign is at for their elections provides a great challenge. I need to use all of my experience to service the needs of a group, rather than it being a one size fits all approach.

“Mentoring and training at Kickstart give me the ability to have longer conversations and explain the theory behind why we recommend the best practice. I would recommend volunteering for ALDC because you will help other teams to win, and you learn as much from the experience as you give.”

Caron Lindsay, volunteer by-election reporter

“It’s always exciting sitting up on a Thursday night waiting for the by-election results to come out. We’ve been punching well above our weight in local by-elections for some time and it’s always a great morale boost to hear about a gain, a huge swing to us or a healthy hold.

“But of course, getting that news out requires someone to be sitting at a computer late at night. When ALDC announced they were looking for volunteers to help with this, I thought I’d give it a go, to help spread the news and give people that frisson of excitement to wake up to on a Friday morning. And let’s face it, having something constructive to do during Question Time is always helpful.

“It’s really easy to do and the great team at ALDC give you all the information you need to do the job. And they say thank you afterwards.”

Edward Sainsbury, future mentor graduate

“Campaigning is challenging, exciting, a great way to meet other liberals and always an opportunity to learn something new. When I joined ALDC’s future mentor programme, I knew it would be a great opportunity to share my campaigning experiences with others, learn from other campaigns and to support the development of campaign plans to elect more Lib Dems.

“I shadowed a phenomenal campaigner and mentor at Autumn Kickstart, and I saw the impact ALDC volunteers can have by working with teams to help them refine and enhance their campaign ambitions.

“Having previously attended ALDC training as a participant, I am very excited to be supporting ALDC at future training events. I’m also already using their resources and advice as chair of my local party and as a candidate this May! If you are not already a member of ALDC, do consider joining. The advice and support is second to none and who knows, maybe you’ll be volunteering alongside me in the future!”