Three weeks to go: Organising your Polling Day

In three weeks time it will be eve of poll for those of us with local elections this year (and for all of us with a PCC / Mayoral election).

Close elections are won or lost on polling day. A well-organised, well-resourced ‘get out the vote’ operation can get you over the winning line in marginal wards.

ALDC has a number of advice articles and resources to help you plan your polling day operation. Take a look on the links below:

ALDC and Election Workshop also have a bulk buy currently taking place to print your GOTV materials (eve of polls, good mornings, polling day knock ups). Find out more here.

Postal Votes should land in most places next week. Check with your electoral services office exactly when yours will be posted out. Even if you checked earlier in the campaign, check again. It has been known for councils to change their posting date very suddenly without warning.

You should be well on with your Postal Vote GOTV preparation now. But if you need some support please take a look at our advice article here.

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