Council Motion: Israel, Gaza and the rest of Palestine

The Council Motion below is an amendment moved jointly by the Liberal Democrat group and Labour group on Stockport Council. It calls for a ceasefire Gaza, Israel and the rest of Palestine and the role local councils and councillors can play in supporting those affected by the conflict in their community.

Find further information on the Liberal Democrat response to the situation in Israel and Palestine here.

The original amendment can be downloaded here and the template motion can be copied and pasted below.

This Council:

  • Expresses deep sympathy for all those affected by the conflict in Israel and Palestine. To those in the area who have been affected by this conflict we offer our support in this difficult time.
  • Condemns the murder of Israeli civilians, the taking of hostages by Hamas and subsequent death and destruction in Gaza. Believes that the urgent priority must be to stop the deaths and suffering of any more civilians in Gaza, Israel and the rest of Palestine.
  • Condemns the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas on 7 October and on female hostages still held in captivity.
  • Hopes for an immediate further release of all hostages and release of Palestinian prisoners held without charge and an immediate permanent ceasefire to allow more aid and the possibility of a peaceful resolution.
  • Believes that the only credible basis for long-term peace is the delivery of a Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel.
  • Believes the tragic recent events in Israel, Gaza and Palestine must not be allowed to divide our communities in [AREA NAME].
  • Believes Jews, Muslims and people of all faiths and none should feel safe in our [town / city / borough].
  • Condemns the increase in anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence and abuse in the UK and believes all forms of racism have no place in our area.

Council therefore resolves to:

  • Explore how the Council can better support and facilitate events for people of all faiths and none, where they can come together and express solidarity and sadness in response to these events.
  • Offer appropriate support to any local resident who needs our assistance as a result of these violent events.
  • Stand ready to provide support and open our arms to innocent people displaced and affected by these events.

Council also resolves to ask all Group Leaders to write to the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs to call on the UK Government to press all parties to agree:

  • To an urgent permanent, bilateral ceasefire in Gaza, Israel and the rest of Palestine and to make every effort to resume the peace process;
  • To guarantee that international humanitarian law is upheld and that civilians are protected inaccordance with those laws;
  • To allow the Red Cross immediate access to hostages in Gaza, in order to provide urgent medical aid to the elderly, the sick and the wounded and to ensure all civilians have access to humanitarian support, including unfettered access to medical supplies, food, electricity, other fuel and water.
  • To call on the UK Government to do all in its powers to support those that are committed to a permanent peace and a 2-state solution.

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