Israel / Palestine Update

We thought it would be useful to summarise what the party has said about the awful situation in Israel and Palestine, and the support and guidelines the party has in place for its members.

The parliamentary motion tabled by our MPs is here.

Ed Davey has led calls in the House of Commons for a temporary humanitarian ceasefire.

Ed was on BBC Breakfast discussing the need to get aid into Gaza.

Layla Moran appeared on the News Agents podcast to talk about the situation and set out our position in detail, which you can find here.

She was also on ITV’s Good Morning Britain here.

This is an important moment to be sensitive with language – especially given that these are traumatic events for the Jewish and Palestinian communities not just in the region, but in our country too. We would strongly urge everyone commenting on this issue to read and understand these guidelines before saying anything:

Our party’s official definition of Antisemitism is here.

Our party’s official definition of Islamophobia is here.

And if you – or any party member you know – is struggling, please remember our 24/7 well-being helpline is available to all party members here.