Council Motion: Scotland Council Tax

The SNP/Green Government are proposing large scale increases in Council Tax of up to 22.5% for Band E and above households in Scotland.

The Lib Dems are opposing these plans. ALDC alongside the Scottish Lib Dem Campaigns, Press & Media team have produced a campaign pack to help you campaign against this proposal locally.

As part of this pack we have produced a template Council Motion. It can be localised using data in the spreadsheet attached below which includes the number of households in each of the affected council tax bands and the amount of extra tax they will pay under the SNP/Green proposals.

The template motion is below:


1. notes that the SNP was first elected to government in 2007 on a pledge of ‘scrapping the unfair council tax’ but 16 years on it has failed to deliver on this promise. 

2. notes the new consultation from the SNP / Green coalition government on changes which, rather than scrapping council tax, would further embed council tax through an increase on bands E-H. 

3. notes that, if implemented, [INSERT FIGURE FROM COLUMN B] households in [INSERT LOCAL AUTHORITY] would see a rise in their council tax bills, some by as much as [INSERT FIGURE FROM COLUMN R] every year. 

4. therefore calls on SNP and Green Party Ministers to scrap their proposals and instead respect the important role of local councils in delivering key services by ruling out any further cuts to local council grant funding, and begin a process of reversing the cuts they have chosen to impose on [INSERT LOCAL AUTHORITY] and other councils over recent years. 

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