Volunteers’ Week 2023: Training for ALDC

ALDC has a full training programme every year covering all the skills and topics every campaigner and councillor could need. 

Whether it is at Federal Party Conference, one of our online training webinars, your regional or state conference or for Council Group Development Days, you will find an ALDC volunteer trainer. 

Of course, our staff team are great and have lots of knowledge and insights to share. But we know that there is a wealth of experience out there that will really benefit others to hear. 

We have volunteer trainers right across the country who know how to put up a fight both on the streets and in the council chamber.  

So whether its taking on Labour, the Conservatives, SNP, Plaid or the Green Party – we have a volunteer who has got the t-shirt.  

Cllr Liz Barrett of Perth and Kinross is one of ALDC’s volunteer trainers. She said;

‘Training other campaigners and councillors is fantastic. There is always a great buzz in the room and I get great support from ALDC who supply all the materials you need. I always learn something too! I would really recommend volunteering as a trainer for ALDC’.  

You can see our up coming training here

If you are interested in volunteering for ALDC, drop us an email at hello@aldc.org 

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