Volunteers’ Week 2023: ALDC Management Committee

ALDC has a vibrant and engaged Management Committee. They set the strategic direction of ALDC, ensure we comply with the regulations we need to and also volunteer in many other roles for us at events.  

We are also lucky to have a number of co-optees who give their expertise to use and push us to be better. 

You can see details about our Management Committee here. 

Cllr Prue Bray of Wokingham is the Chair of the ALDC Management Committee and she said ‘I love being a campaigner and councillor – so working with ALDC was a natural fit. The support we give to people who want to see more Lib Dem representation in local government is second to none. 

I am also really proud of the culture of volunteering in ALDC. Volunteers are valued for the knowledge and experience that is unique to them. It inspires others and means what ALDC offers really does have something for everyone.’ 

If you are interested in volunteering for ALDC, drop us an email at hello@aldc.org 

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