Campaign Pack: Keeping Your Ward Tidy

Environmental issues – such as litter, fly-tipping and graffiti – are amongst the most frequent issues we are likely to be contacted about as local councillors and campaigners.

Dealing with these issues in your ward may account for a large part of your casework. But they also present good campaigning opportunities. Tackling litter, graffiti and fly-tipping will be in the interest of everyone in the area and therefore make good stories for focus leaflets and other communications with residents.

They are also ‘quick wins’. Your council should have procedures in place to quickly deal with environmental crime. You can report issues such as these to the council and report back success to residents very rapidly.

We have produced some resources to help you campaign for more action to deal with environmental crime in your ward.

Focus Drop-Ins

Community Litter Picks

Community litter-picking has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Residents really enjoy the opportunity to take care of their own area. Group litter picks are great events to organise in your ward. Most council’s now have resources in place to support community litter picks. They are a great way to work together with residents.

Once again it is important to celebrate successful community litter pick events – not least to say thank you to everyone who joined in and helped.

We have produced some resources to help you organise, promote and celebrate a successful litter pick.

Council Motion

Moving a council motion calling for more action to prevent and tackle litter / fly-tipping is also a great way of focussing council attention on these issues.

The template council motion linked below offers a few examples of resolutions your council can make to do more to tackle littering issues.

Other Resources

There are a number of organisations that support initiatives to tackle and other environmental crime.

Keep Britain Tidy do a lot of work with local councils.

Clean Up UK have a lot of resources and advice for organising community litter picks and groups

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