Council Motion: Let’s all do our bit to tackle litter

Many of us will have spoken to residents over the last few months who have commented on how dramatically litter levels declined during the national lockdown. However, litter is again becoming a common issue and councils not being able to work at full capacity is not helping. Therefore, all of us must play our part in preventing the build up of litter in our communities. This council motion gives ideas on how we can do this.

Council is committed to tackling litter in our Borough and to working for cleaner streets and public spaces across our communities.

Council notes that:

  • The Keep Britain Tidy Campaign offers local authorities the opportunity to become a member of a Network, which provides access to specialist advice and support.
  • The campaign is also promoting a Love Parks campaign and a Charity Bin sponsorship scheme whereby the monies raised from recycling cans deposited in designated local authority bins is contributed to local charities.
  • Several national supermarket chains are now operating trials of reverse vending machines, where customers are rewarded for returning used cans and bottles for recycling.
  • The Government department DEFRA has also previously published a voluntary code for local businesses and local business partnerships to sign up to and reduce the litter that results from fast food businesses.

Council recognises that:

  • Whilst we are committed to tackling litter in our Borough, and to working for cleaner streets and public spaces across our communities, we cannot do this alone.
  • In the battle for cleaner streets and public spaces, we must involve the public and our business partners in a co-operative effort.
  • There are community champions and organisations commendably ‘doing their bit’.
  • The Keep Britain Tidy and DEFRA initiatives provide extra opportunities and an extra incentive for members of the public and business partners to become actively engaged and empowered in tackling the litter which blights our streets.
  • In doing their bit, residents and business will help the Council to make the streets, district centres, parks and public amenities of our Borough cleaner and more inviting to residents and visitors.

Council resolves to:

  • Promote participation in litter prevention activities to members of the public, community, faith and youth groups, and businesses through our social media, website and existing email-outs to partners.
  • Ask the Overview and Scrutiny Board to examine the merits of becoming a local authority member of the Keep Britain Tidy Network, and identify which of the campaign’s initiatives, including Love Parks and Charity Bins, could be introduced in the Borough.
  • Ask the Chief Executive to write to national supermarket chains with stores in this borough asking them to consider [AREA] as the location for a future trial of a reverse vending machines.
  • Promote take up of the DEFRA voluntary code amongst our fast food businesses and local business partnerships and seek their sponsorship for the introduction of a Charity Bin scheme and for public education programmes.

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