Local Election Appeal and Direct Mail Bulk Buys

Targeted letters to voters are a smart way of campaigning and getting key messages across to important sections of the electorate.

Election Workshop and ALDC run regular Direct Mail Bulk Buys. You can either have your letters delivered back to you for hand delivery. Or they can be posted out to voters directly from the printers for an extra charge.

Local Election Appeal 2023

The next mailing bulk buy is the Local Election Appeal. You can get high-quality local mailings posted out to key voters before the formal election period. You can buy into the Local Election Appeal here.

The deadline for artwork is Monday 27 February.

Future Direct Mail Bulk Buys

There are a number upcoming Direct Mail Bulk Buy deals dates between now and the elections in May.

  • Wednesday 1 March (for delivery back on Thursday 16 March)
  • Monday 13 March (for delivery back on Tuesday 21 March)
  • Monday 3 April (for delivery back on Tuesday 11 April)
  • Tuesday 18 April (for delivery back on Monday 24 April)
  • Monday 24 April (for delivery back on Thursday 27 April)

You can submit any A4 letter and insert to be included in these bulk buy deals.

However we recommend using ALDC templates to send special mailings to key voters – particularly if you have local elections in May. You can find mailing templates templates on the Countdown to Polling Day section of our website.

These include;

  • Postal Voter Recruitment Mailing
  • Candidate CV Mailing
  • Squeeze Mailing

All templates are available in ALDC Artworker, Affinity Publisher and PDF.

Full details of pricing for Direct Mail Bulk Buys can be found on our Bulk Buy Deals page that is regularly updated with the latest templates and officers.

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