Direct Mail Bulk Buy Dates 2024

Our print partners, Election Workshop, are offering monthly direct mail bulk buy dates to help make your campaigns as affordable and successful as possible.

The bulk deal is priced £12 per ward/edition plus 23p per letter including VAT for hand delivery. If you want to post the items then the cost is £12 per edition plus 94p per letter including VAT. Not bad considering a second class stamp alone will cost you 75p!

If you have direct mail scheduled in your campaign plan, now is the time to get it sorted before the postage prices rise.

You can find our latest direct mail templates here. Included in these new templates are squeeze mailings and postal voter recruitment mailings – vital elements of any winning campaign.

The below items are just suggested mailings and you can use the bulk buy for other A4 mailings and inserts that you wish to produce. Even if you don’t have local elections in your area this year this is still a great offer to take advantage of for your campaign materials.

The bulk deal mailing products include: Postal Vote recruitment; Squeeze; Addressed surveys; or a single sided colour letter with double sided colour insert.

Using the bulk dates for posting will save you at least 8p per letter.

The schedule of direct mail bulk dates in below (artwork must be received by 10am on the deadline day)

* These delivery dates are near the regulated period for expenses. Election Workshop will post on time, but cannot guarantee Royal Mail’s delivery speed and that they through doors during the expenses period. Hand delivery will be returned to you by the post date.

For more information please contact Election Workshop on 0161 272 6216 or