Updated National Drop In Articles

With the local elections coming up the number of leaflets that we need to produce will come thick and fast.

Even if you do not have local elections in May – having some powerful national messages to drop into your leaflets can help you put your literature together faster and also speak to voters on a big issue they care about.

We have produced some updated national drop-ins for you to use in upcoming literature. We will keep these resources updated as we get closer to the polling day.

The drop ins are designed to fit upcoming election literature such as the Three Leaflet Deal

  • Flying Start Drop Ins (three leaflet deal leaflet 1) – AffinityPDF
  • A3 Drop Ins (for three leaflet deal leaflet 2) – AffinityPDF

The A3 Drop Ins above will fit a horizontal third of any A3 leaflet template. Below are two colour versions for local RISO printing:

You can find older Drop Ins from Autumn 2022 here – as well as other template resources on the Cost of Living – here

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