Campaign Pack: Cost of Living – Autumn 2022

The October Energy Price Cap rise will raise the average household energy bill to £2500.

With inflation now forecast to reach 18% next year the cost of living crisis continues to get more severe. This issue is going to dominate political debate into 2023 so it is important that keep talking about it in our leaflets and communications.

ALDC has produced some updated resources to help you fight for better support for people in your area.

September 2022 Mini-Budget Updates

Some drop-ins you can use in your leaflets – in response to the September 2022 mini-budget that has caused economic chaos – can be downloaded here.

Cost of Living Mailing

It’s important to keep in touch with local residents during the cost of living emergency and offer help and support. We have produced some template mailings to adapt for your local area:

Cost of Living Survey

An updated Cost of Living Survey can be found here on Affinity and PDF

Council Motions

Many Lib Dem council groups have moved motions declaring a cost of living emergency over the Summer.

Even if you have passed a Cost of Living Emergency motion there are a number of follow up motions you can move to keep the campaign going. The Lib Dems really are taking the lead and demanding real action to support people during the crisis – such as cancelling October’s Energy Price Cap rise, reducing VAT and increasing Fuel Duty Relief in rural areas:

Drop-In Articles

Lib Dem policies to ease the Cost of Living crisis make good content for Focus articles. It is always advisable to have some national stories in your leaflets and below are some articles that you can drop into your local literature.

Other Resources

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