Local Electricity Bill Campaign Pack – Green Liberal Democrats

This campaign pack has been put together by the Green Liberal Democrats. You can find out more information about the Green Liberal Democrats and how to join them here.

We are far from meeting the climate change targets set by both our government and international agreements such as COP26. We must urgently decarbonise our power grid, and reduce the influence of fluctuating overseas fossil fuel prices.

Community-scale renewables are a great solution; providing green, clean, energy that stimulates local economies and reduces our dependence on skyrocketing overseas fuels. But unfair regulations and disproportionate costs are stifling opportunity.

If you want to buy your electricity from local renewable sources such as the nearby school that has solar panels on its roof, you cannot. We all buy our electricity from a utility company that sources it from anything connected to the National Grid, be it a field of solar panels in Flintshire or a coal fired power station in Yorkshire.

This campaign pack provides you with everything you need to support the Local Electricity Bill at a local level. The bill is supported by 300 cross-party MPs and endorsed by the Liberal Democrats.

The Bill – if made law – would establish a Right to Local Supply, promoting local renewable electricity supplies by making the setup and running costs of selling renewable electricity to local customers affordable and proportionate to the size of the supply company.

Power For People – the organisation campaigning for the bill – are asking for councils and councillors to endorse its uptake and promote community activism for community energy.

  • A full briefing on the Local Electricity Bill is available here
  • A template Council Motion is available here
  • A Focus drop-in article can be downloaded here (preview here)
  • A simple template press release to endorse the Bill is available here

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