Council Motion: Local Electricity Bill

Below is a template Council Motion from the Green Liberal Democrats in support of the Local Electricity Bill.

You can find out more information about the Bill and a further set of resources including press releases and leaflet content here.

Local Electricity Bill Council Motion

This Council notes:

  • that large financial setup and running costs involved in selling locally generated renewable electricity to local customers result in it being impossible for local renewable electricity generators to do so;
  • that making costs proportionate to the scale of a renewable electricity supplier’s operation would create significant opportunities for local companies and community groups to be providers of locally generated renewable electricity directly to local people, businesses, and organisations;
  • that in turn this could help lower energy bills for local people to help them cope with the rising cost of living;
  • that revenues received by such local companies or community groups that chose to become local renewable electricity providers would help improve the local economy and could be also used to improve local services and facilities and to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions;

This Council recognises that the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, as a result of its 2021 Technological Innovations and Climate Change inquiry, recommended that a ‘Right to Local Supply’ for local energy suppliers be established to address this.

This Council therefore resolves to support the Local Electricity Bill, currently supported by a cross-party group of 300 MPs, which if made law would establish a Right to Local Supply, promoting local renewable electricity supply by making the setup and running costs of selling renewable electricity to local customers proportionate to the size of the supply company;

This Council further resolves to:

  • write to local MPs requesting that they support the Bill;
  • write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng to express COUNCIL NAME’S support for the Local Electricity Bill.
  • inform the local media of the decision to endorse the Bill;
  • write to the organisers of the campaign behind the Local Electricity Bill, Power for People (at Camden Collective, 5-7 Buck Street, London NW1 8NJ or expressing its support for the campaign to help the generation of locally produced

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