Promoting Small Businesses through Fair Tax

A number of Lib Dem Council Groups have moved successful motions calling on their Council to sign up to the Fair Tax Declaration – promoting local businesses that have a fair tax accreditation and making sure their procurement processes take tax into account when choosing suppliers and contractors.

You can click to find out more about the work Sunderland and Oldham Lib Dems have done on Fair Tax – and find out more information on how to get your Council to sign up to a Fair Tax Declaration on the Fair Tax Foundation website here.

Supporting Small Businesses by celebrating Fair Tax

Small businesses face a growing list of challenges as they continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic while competing with global online giants such as Amazon.

More and more people are choosing where they shop based on the ethics of the company, rather than just cost and convenience. Promoting Small Businesses that pay their fair share of tax is a great way to support them and encourage local people to use them.

The Fair Tax Foundation has set up a Fair Tax Mark to promote businesses who are open, transparent and responsible taxpayers. More information on how these businesses can get a ‘Small Business Standard’ Fair Tax Mark can be found here.

Recently ALDC produced a Local Business Campaign Pack that includes materials to help you engage with Small Businesses in your area.

Fair Tax is another great issue you can raise with your local businesses when you speak to them. It is also something you can call on for also raise through your Council

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