Green Issues Campaign Pack

ALDC has produced a set of campaign materials to help you campaign on green issues in your ward and Local Council area.

The vast majority of Councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency – promising to put climate change at the heart of every decision they take.

We have a job to do to keep the pressure up on our Councils – and continue to call for changes and improvements to make our local areas greener.

Friends of the Earth have produced a Climate Action Plan – listing 50 measures all Local Authorities can take to tackle climate change. You can find the plan here.

ALDC have produced a template Green Issues Survey that lets you consult with local people on your environmental priorities for your ward. All areas will have different green issues that need addressing. The surveys contain some suggested campaigns you can run as well as additional campaigns that you can drop into the template – but the template is there for you to adapt and make relevant to your ward and Council area.

You can find a full colour addressed survey template (and a page of additional drop-ins) here (PDF here).

You can find a two colour template here (PDF here).

You can find templates for an unaddressed covering letter here (PDF here).

You can find a template Council Motion – from Stockport Lib Dems – that gathers together a number of local green campaigns and holds the Council to account on progress made after declaring a Climate Emergency here.

A few weeks ago ALDC shared advice on how to create a climate action plan for your ward – with some further advice on how to campaign for green changes locally and involve the local community. You can find it here.

We would be very keen to hear examples successful green campaigning you have done in your local area. Please use the comments below to let us know or to request further resources that you might find useful.

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