Triple Lock Suspension Campaign Materials

On September 7th 2021 the Conservative Government announced it would suspend the Triple Lock on pensions for one year.

The Triple Lock was introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Government in 2010 and ensured pensions would rise every year by the same rate as wages, inflation, or by 2.5% – whichever was highest.

Thanks to the Triple Lock pensioners received record pension rises in the years that followed. The Conservatives promised to keep the Triple Lock in the 2019 Election Manifesto. They have now broken that pledge and pensions are set to rise next year at a much lower rate than wages or Council Tax.

We have produced some campaign materials to help you campaign on this Conservative U-turn that you can download on the links below.

Template Press Release

Template Website Article

Template Council Motion

Facebook Graphics (please use local figures for Council Tax graphic)

Information on 2021/22 Council Tax Rises, to contrast with the lesser pension rises, from across England

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