Postal Voters – Artwork deadline and training

Those of you that have taken advantage of Operation Postal Vote are reminded that the deadline for artwork is 10:00, 06/04/2021. Delivery will happen from 13/04 – so it’s important that you know when postal votes are due to arrive with voters in your area – talk to your Returning Officer about this.

The HQ Campaigns and Elections team are running training on getting out your postal vote.

As postal votes start landing on doormats, it’s important we encourage our supporters to return their vote as soon as possible. Make sure you attend this session run by the Campaign & Elections Team, to find out the most effective techniques, and how to stay on the right side of the law. You can sign up here.

As we are thinking about making sure we get out our vote, you may also want to take advantage of HQ’s tabloid bulk buy deal, aimed at the last week of the election. You can find details here and access a template here.

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