Everything You Need For May 2021

The Three Leaflet Deal

Our popular Three Leaflet Deal is back for its sixth year. It’s your chance to get three full colour election leaflets at a great price.

UPDATE: Due to the on going circumstances, we are are introducing an ‘opt out’ element for any part of the Three Leaflet Deal – if you do not submit artwork, you will not be charged. The deposit fee will be the cost of the A4 (third of the ‘three leaflets’).

What do you get?
Three high quality printed leaflets at bulk buy prices so you can afford them in election expenses. ALDC provide the templates and our colleagues at Election Workshop provide the printing.

How much will I need to spend?
It should mean that the colour leaflets take up around 40% of your election expenses in a single candidate ward, leaving around 60% for other campaigning.
You can see our price lists to the right of this page.
The first of the three leaflets is intended to be delivered before election expenses, so you don’t have to include the cost in your expenses return. The second leaflet (A3) when postal votes land, and the third (A4) for the final weekend.

(1) The flying start is 489 x 230mm flat, folded in thirds to 163 x 230mm portrait.

(2) A3 Z folded in thirds.

(3) A4 folded in half.

If you prefer an A3 to replace (1) we can substitute it for no extra cost.
All of our Three Leaflet Deal material is high quality leaflet paper. 130gsm coated paper, not cheaper lightweight leaflet paper.

Book the deal online by 1st March 2021. Copy and photos OR completed artwork by the deadline.

For the first leaflet we’re offering two deadlines to give you flexibility in your campaign plan. We will also be offering a Flying Start template that is specifically full of Covid information.

Early bird deadline 10am Monday 1st March for return by Thursday 11th March.

100% refund if cancelled by 6pm Friday 5th March

OR Standard deadline 10am Sunday 7th March for return by Thursday 18th March.

100% refund if cancelled by 6pm Friday 12th March

Flying Start template: PDF / Affinity Publisher

You can also use ALDC Artworker

2. A3
Deadline for artwork 10am Sunday 21st March.

100% refund if cancelled by 6pm Tuesday 23th March.

For delivery to you by Thursday 1st April (before Easter).

3. A4
Deadline for artwork 10am Sunday 11th April.

100% refund if cancelled by 6pm Tuesday 13th April.

Delivered by 21st April.

Operation Postal Vote

Postal voters are twice as likely to vote in local elections than on the day voters, and next year they’ll be more important than ever!

That means postal votes will be the key to win in May 2021 – just as they were for Joe Biden in the states.

Your work on winning the postal vote should start with recruiting your supporters to postal votes – by direct mail and on the doorstep when possible.

Then we need to increase turnout with targeted activity like postal voter knock up.


Use the first three Direct Mail bulk buy slots below to take advantage of great prices for postal voter recruitment.

You can use ALDC’s Affinity and ALDC Artworker templates to easily craft a letter and return envelope. Advanced teams will follow up these letters with calls or targeted door knocking to improve the number of sign ups they get.

Remember you can get your Postal Voter list from the Council and put it onto Connect so you don’t target people who’ve already signed up for one.

See our templates now at artworker.aldc.org


Turning out postal voters will help you win next May.

We’ve put together templates for you and your team to use and bulk buys so you can get localised versions at bargain prices.

A4 half fold (to A5) – How to vote leaflet

Price is £9 plus 7p each including delivery. Plus optional £12 fixed cost to add mailmerged addresses.

A4 half fold (long ways) – PVGOTV leaflet

Price is £9 plus 7p each including delivery. Plus optional £12 fixed cost to add mailmerged addresses.

Artwork by 10am 1st April 2020


We can help you get the best prices on direct mail through our bulk buys. Please remember that we will also produce literature for delivery by you by hand. For more details, contact enquiries@electionworkshop.co.uk.

We’re providing 5 bulk buy slots for you to sign up to to get great prices on direct mail for you campaign.

The cost is £12 per edition plus 20p per letter and 45p postage.

Orders over 4000 units should be discussed directly with Election Workshop.

To use these slots you need to make direct mail for a DL envelope in one of the following formats

  • Surveys (single sided letter and A4 double sided uncoated insert)
  • PV Recruitment (single sided letter, PV form, return envelope)
  • Squeeze (single sided letter, A4 insert)

Templates to help you are available on ALDC Artworker and you can find Affinity templates in the Resources section of the ALDC website.

Sign up by emailing enquiries@electionworkshop.co.uk

  • SLOT 1
    Artwork deadline 3rd Feb
    Posted on 17th Feb
  • SLOT 2
    Artwork 24th Feb
    Posted 4th March
  • SLOT 3
    Artwork by 3rd March
    Posted on 11th March
  • SLOT 4
    Artwork by 15 March
    Posted on 23 March
  • SLOT 5
    In election expenses
    Artwork by 29 March
    Posted on 6 April
  • SLOT 6
    In election expenses
    5th April artwork
    14th April posted
  • SLOT 7 – In election expenses
    12th April artwork
    21st April posted


Buy envelopes from Election Workshop by visiting artworker.aldc.org at any point in February 2021 and take advantage of our special ALDC Members discount.

Delivery is £10 plus £1 per box of a thousand.

Cream envelopes

Cream envelopes are used for personal letters to Postal Voters. You can find example wordings and letters in the resources section of the ALDC website. All the way through February

Special ALDC member price: £12.95 per thousand + VAT
Non member price: £13.95 per thousand + VAT

Blue envelopes

Blue envelopes provide a different look for key voters near to polling day. You can find example wordings and letters in the resources section of the ALDC website.

Special ALDC member price: £12.95 per thousand + VAT
Non member price: £13.95 per thousand + VAT

Facebook Ads Bulk Buy

You can also bulk buy Facebook adverts – another way that we can get our key messages in front of voters. These are themed and you can see details here.

Expenses Tracker

We have developed an expenses tracking tool which will help Agents to keep and eye on expenditure through the campaign. You can access it here.

Postcode Sector Tool

Postcode sectors are important to know when booking delivery with Royal Mail and also when buying Facebook advertising. However, it can be frustrating trying to figure out which postcode sectors cover your area. We have developed a helpful tool that tells you what you need to know and you can access it here.


A3 Community Newsletter Booklet

Affinity File


A4 Survey

Affinity File


Affinity File


Pre-Knock A5 Leaflet

Affinity File


Affinity File


You can also easily customise a range of templates with ALDC Artworker!

Jeff Muir says

Hi, one or two of our candidate have committed to other leaflet options, but I have been asked would they be able to add a single leaflet from your x3 bulk deal above to supplement what they are already doing? probably the A3

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