ALDC By-Election Review – 14th March

Last night saw three by-elections take place across the country with two Labour seats and an Independent seat up for grabs.

Southampton UA, Coxford Ward

Lab 668 [26.3%; -1.9%]
Con 529 [20.8%; +4.4%]
LD Sam Chapman 450 [17.7%; +14.7%]
SA 368 [14.5%; +14.5%]
IS 178 [7.0%; +7.0%]
Ind 174 [6.8%; +4.4%]
UKIP 123 [4.8%; +4.8%]
Green 53 [2.1%; -0.9%]
Lab gain from Ind
Percentage change from 2018

With the resignation of the Independent councillor, Coxford Ward was up for grabs with eight candidates battling it out. Sam Chapman and Southampton Lib Dems put on a great campaign opposing more tax rises and service cuts from the Labour council and putting forward some great ideas to improve the city’s air quality and environment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for Sam, but the success of the campaign shone through as the Lib Dem vote share increased by 14.7%. Well done to the team on a great result that leaves the party in great stead for the next round of elections this May.

Durham UA, Wingate

Lab 458 [64.1%; -11.7]
LD Edwin Simpson 163 [22.8%; +22.8%]
NEP 74 [10.3%; +0.1]
FB 20 [2.8; +2.8%]
Turnout 24.2%
Lab Hold
Percentage change from 2017

Our second result from the evening comes from Durham UA’s Wingate ward. With Labour running the  county council for 100 years, the battle always looked to be tough. Edwin Simpson and the Durham Lib Dem team had a fantastic result and grabbed 22.8% of the vote share from nowhere in the battle, which saw Labour lose 11.7% of the vote that they received in 2017. A great result showing an increase in momentum for the Lib Dem team in Durham which hopefully sets them in good stead for next week’s Durham by-election in Esh and Witton Gilbert.

Croydon LB, Norbury & Pollards Hill

Lab 1379 [64.5%; -3.3%]
Con 324 [15.2%; -6.9%]
Ind 162 [7.6%; +7.6%]
Green 91 [4.3%; -6.0%]
Ind 72 [3.4%; +3.4%]
LD Guy Burchett 70 [3.3%; +3.3%]
UKIP 40 [1.9%; +1.9%]
Lab Hold
Percentage change from 2018

Thanks also go to the Croydon Lib Dems and Guy Burchett for representing liberal values standing in a tricky battle in Norbury & Pollards Hill.

Next week there are six by-elections taking place with one Lib Dem defence!

If you have a spare hour you can find contact details of who to ring to help out on our website.

Or why not donate to the ALDC Fighting Fund so we can give more grants to local teams to help us win more by-elections

Good luck to all standing and see you next week!

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