Local Election Appeal 2024

Donate to our Local Election Appeal!

Last year we gained 407 new council seats and 12 new Lib Dem councils in the Local Elections. Many of these were supported by a Local Election Appeal grant.

The Local Election Appeal supports candidates fighting to gain new wards who come from under-represented groups in local politics.

This year we need to raise £30,000 to get 200 Lib Dem candidates over the winning line. 100% of all donations go directly to candidates campaigns through extra targeted literature.


Councillor Networks

ALDC is the largest Affiliated Organisation within the Liberal Democrats. 

We work with other Party Bodies to help Lib Dems win elections and support councillors and campaigners.

If you are interested in joining any other Lib Dem networks you can find out more on our Councillor Networks page.


Winning before Christmas Templates

Campaigning all year round is what we do!

ALDC’s Winning before Christmas templates will let you produce the top quality campaign literature you need to do over the next few months. These include Christmas Card, Calendars, Annual Reports, Postal Voter & New Voter Mailings and brand new Focus Leaflet templates.

Make your designing job easier and use our templates that are available on Affinity and Artworker.

ALDC Artworker

ALDC Artworker (which is free with ALDC membership) lets you design all the campaign literature that you need throughout the year.

It is accessed online (through any web browser) and is very quick and easy to use.