Lib Dem Women and ALDC Councillor Network

All women elected as Liberal Democrat councillors are welcome to join this network. Non-binary people whose experiences or identities intersect with women’s and therefore feel they would benefit from accessing a women-centred space are welcome to join us.

Members of the network will receive a quarterly email update and access to online events.

You do not have to be a member of ALDC or LDW to join the network.

EU Councillors Liaison Network

ALDC and Liberal Democrat European Group are working together to form a Lib Dem EU Councillor Liaison Network.

Working with our Renew colleagues in Brussels, the network will share information, host online events and put you in touch with other Lib Dem councillors who share your interest in Europe.

You do not have to be a member of ALDC or LDEG to join the network

Lib Dem Solo Councillors Network

Being the only Lib Dem on a council can be pretty daunting. Who do you bounce ideas off? Who do you sense check information with?  

The Lib Dem Solo Councillors Network holds regular online meetings, has a WhatsApp group to stay in touch and contact with the ALDC Field Team.

For more information email