Local elections 2018 – how you can help

It is vital that the Party shows progress in these elections. The country desperately needs a strong Liberal force standing up for what we believe in. Moving forwards in these local elections will show that we mean business. Everyone can help make them a success. Here’s three ways you can play a role:

1. Go and help

Here is a list of the places that have elections this May. If you have elections locally, please find out the target wards (the wards we are campaigning in to win) and go and help there. If you don’t have target wards in your area, the place next door probably does.

If you DON’T have local elections in your area (that’s all of Scotland, Wales and large parts of more rural England) then somebody not too far away does. Can you help one weekend? Can you help get the Liberal Democrat vote out on polling day or postal vote polling day?

Please get in touch if you need the contact details for someone or somewhere. And if you need helpers in your area, let us know and we’ll add your requests for help on to this page.

2. Donate

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated already to the ALDC Local Election Appeal. The initiative response to the appeal has been amazing.

We need to raise £20,000 so we can help push the 50 most marginal/winnable wards over the winning line by providing them with an additional direct mail to postal voters. We need to book the print and postal slots soon so I need to know how many wards I can afford to help.

Please give whatever you can. Your money will mean we can help gain another Lib Dem council seat.

3. Be a candidate

There are nearly 4,000 council seats up for election on 3 May. We’re not going to be able to mount a campaign in every one of these, but we should stand a candidate everywhere if at all possible. Thank you to everyone who is already a candidate and working hard.

If you live (or work) in one of the council areas with elections, then you could be a real help filling any candidate gaps that are still there. Essentially, we need ‘paper’ candidates – i.e. you don’t do anything other than allow your name to be on the ballot paper. It doesn’t take up any time, but it does mean that voters in that ward have a chance to vote Liberal Democrat which is a huge help. Contact your local party to put your name forward or speak to us if you need help getting in touch with them.

Margaret Clarke says

Please which is our nearest local “Target seat?”

Form Cheadle, Cheshire....part of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Contact via???

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