Have you noticed how well we’ve been doing in local by-elections?

We’re very proud of our excellent performance in Witney, and our stunning win in Richmond Park. Following the General Election, the ALDC team got together and agreed that we had to do everything we could to help the party start winning again.

In 2016, we secured a net gain of 45 councillors. We can do even better this year, by helping scores of our enthusiastic and hard-working campaigners get across the winning line.

How you can donate:

Via our website: www.aldc.org/donate/local-election-appeal

Send a cheque
Made payable to ALDC to this address:
Local Election Appeal, Freepost Plus RTEG- LHLL-JYTG, ALDC, 23 New Mount Street, Manchester M4 4DE

Your donation can buy:

£300 A full-ward contribution
£180 A colour leaflet
£100 Residents survey
£50 Calling cards

We want to back an additional 50 wards we are fighting to win in May. To do this we need to raise £15,000.

Every year we support seats with cash grants from G8 or our Fighting Fund. Our stunning win in Sunderland from less than 4% the previous year; our retaking control of Watford Council; and retaining our only councillor in Newport’s St Julian’s Ward were all supported by these grants.

This year we have the chance to re-establish ourselves as winners in the national media’s mind. That will make it easier for us all to win and champion our local communities. Thanks for your continued support.