Thursday 6 May 2021 will be a major electoral event

The largest round of elections in almost half a century. Everyone in England, Scotland and Wales will have at least one election and voters in some areas will see five elections held on the same day.

To build on our success in 2019 – at the local elections, the European elections and in council by-elections – it’s very important that we get a good set of results in 2021. With your generous support, we want to raise £20,000 to spend on direct mail to key voters in 100 marginal seats. Your financial support could make the difference in these close contests.

Please donate whatever you can:

What your donation will buy in our key battleground wards:

  • £25 will allow us to print and stuff 100 pieces of squeeze mail
  • £65 will cover the cost of artworking one mailing
  • £100 will pay for postage to 400 homes
  • £400 will allow us to send two sets of squeeze mailings to a ward

Where has elections in 2021?

184 English councils have local elections next year, as well as thirteen directly elected mayors, including London. Elections will also be held for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Senedd, the London Assembly and 40 Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales.

Why donate to us?

We’re the party’s premier campaigning organisation for local elections and we will always help to build up the party’s base in local government. We are supporting candidates in places that we have controlled for decades and local parties that are fighting to elect their first Liberal Democrat councillor. Every penny of your generous donations will go directly to winning more council wards – none will be spent on internal admin!

What impact will your donations make?

With your support, we can wake up on Friday 7 May to a great set of election results and a turning point for liberalism in Britain. A significant increase in the number of Liberal Democrat councillors elected will provide the perfect platform for the party to prosper ahead of whatever the future has in store.

Prefer to donate by cheque?

If so, please make it payable to ALDC and send it to: Local Election Appeal ALDC 2.07 Boat Shed 16 Exchange Quay Salford M5 3EQ

Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne and Cllr Sarah Medley

Vale of White Horse District Council

“We were both elected for the first time in 2019. We benefited from Local ElectionAppeal funding in the form of an additional item of direct mail to key postal voters in our ward. Vale of White Horse District Council was formerly Conservative-run, with only 9 Lib Dems out of 38 councillors. The local elections in May turned this around completely, there are now 30 Lib Dem councillors out of 38! We won all our target
seats and then some more, even one of our paper candidates won!”

Cllr Lisa Spivey

Cotswold District Council

“Without the financial support from ALDC’s Local Election Appeal, we would never have won a big rural ward like mine. The additional direct mail from ALDC played a huge part in our success in taking control of the District Council for the first time ever!”

Cllr Darryl Smalley

City of York Council

“In 2019 we gained nine council seats from the Tories, some by very narrow margins, and this was enough to overtake both the Conservatives and Labour to become the largest party on the council. The Conservatives slumped from 14 seats to two, Labour barely moved forward and we have now formed a joint administration with the Greens.”

Buy our Fundraising to Win Book

Endorsement by – Tim Farron MP

“Everyone involved in campaigning should buy Fundraising to Win – it contains everything your team needs to raise the money to fund a winning campaign – whether you’re aiming to win a council seat or turn your constituency gold at the next general election. Anyone who wants to be a parliamentary candidate and lead a winning campaign needs to read this book.”

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