The best of ALDC content from the last week, including:

  • Post Office Card Account extension
  • Template and bulk buys schedule from Lib Dem HQ
  • Evidence of Pupil Premium closing education attainment gaps
  • ‘Technology’ FAQs in Ask ALDC
  • Facebook Group: Latest conversations


Post Office Card Account Extension
The Post Office Card Account will now run until at least 2022, after Lib Dem ministers secured an extension to the contract which was due to run out next year. Draft letter and press release available here.

The Election Law Helpline
ALDC will launch its Election Law Helpline service for the Party on Friday December 19th and this lets you know what to use it for and how it will work.

LDHQ Template and Bulk Buy Schedule
Lib Dem HQ have laid out the timetable for all of their new templates and bulk buys details through to the election. A useful guide to help local campaign teams fit LDHQ materials into their final literature plans.

Pupil Premium: Closing the Education Attainment Gap
Further evidence has been released that shows the Pupil Premium is helping raise educational attainment amongst disadvantaged pupils. This story includes a quote from David Laws and a link to more details from the Guardian.

2015 C’llr Awards: Nominations Open
The LGiU and CCLA have announced the opening of nominations for next year’s C’llr awards. As always, we are strongly encouraging as many Lib Dems as possible to take part. Nominations close in just over a month. Find out more here.

LDHQ Template Posters and Stickers 
Last week we posted about LDHQ’s bulk buy offers for posters, correx, dayglo paper and stickers. These are a crucial part of your election campaigns for next May. Convincing our Supporters, Squeeze group and Switchers that we can win is crucial to our GOTV campaigns in April and May 2015


ALDC File Library

In the Resources section of the ALDC File Library, members can find our Policy and Guides folder. The latest additions are this week’s materials on cuts to education spending if the Tories win the next election. Members can find a Draft Op-Ed for local press, Template Press Release, and a Spreadsheet detailing the precise figures. A Blog post on the wider story can be found here.


Ask ALDC’s Technology section has a range of FAQ articles on some useful tools for local campaigners, including Pageplus, Flickr (photo sharing), Connect Casework and using If This Then That to improve your online efficiency.

ALDC Facebook Group

Over in the ALDC Facebook Group, recent discussions have included:

  • Election Expense Calculating Spreadsheets
  • Tools and Services for Short-Run Printing
  • Plastic Bag Recycling Policies

If you aren’t already a member of the Facebook group, look us up and apply to join today.

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