We’ve created a campaign pack to help you make a splash with your post-conference campaigning.

It contains a range of easy-to-use templates and other adaptable items to aid your campaigning, based on the issues discussed throughout the weekend – as well as other key bits of policy.

The pack includes:

  • Drop-in Focus articles and artwork
  • MyCouncillor stories
  • Press releases
  • Facebook images
  • A draft email to report to members about conference which you will need to personalise

The pack covers the following motions:

  • Housing
  • NHS
  • Rural issues
  • Education

All of the templates have been created to be used with PagePlus software. We strongly encourage you to localise them so that they are more relevant to your area.

If you’re unsure about where to get your leaflets printed, you could contact our print partners Election Workshop by emailing: enquiries@electionworkshop.com. We advise you to get quotes from other printers as well.

Non-ALDC Member?

You’ll need to fill in the short online registration form to receive your campaign pack. We’ll then email it to you within 24 hours.