Thank You Leaflets

After the election, thank you leaflets are one of the first things that you as campaigners should be thinking about.

Continuing to stay in touch with voters year round is vital to our success.

England – AffinityPDFRiso

Scotland – AffinityPDFRiso

Wales (monolingual) – AffinityPDFRiso

Wales (bilingual) – AffinityPDFRiso

All Versions – Artworker

Summer Surveys

Surveys are a fantastic way to generate voter ID and campaign issues, as well as make contact with your local communities.

If they’re used properly, they will help establish you and your team as hard-working, locally focused, and approachable.

You can buy Summer Surveys through Election Workshop on a bulk buy deal beginning on July 6th.

General Survey – Affinity FilePDF

Cost of Living Survey – Affinity FilePDF

NHS Wait Time Survey – Affinity FilePDF

Public Transport Survey – Affinity FilePDF

Crime Survey – Affinity FilePDF

Environment Survey – Affinity FilePDF

All versions – ALDC Artworker

Calling Cards

Knocking on doors is the key part of Lib Dem campaigning. It’s one of the best ways we can represent local people in our communities and find out what issues are important to them.

You can get Calling Cards at a discounted rate through Election Workshop throughout August.

2023 A4 Plank – Affinity File – PDF

2022 A5 Card – Affinity FilePDFArtworker

A3 Focus Leaflets

Regular Focus leaflets help build dialogue between the local Lib Dem team and residents, and area key part of the all year round work that helps us win.

All of our templates are available on ALDC Artworker, or you can download the Affinity File to customise further.

Z-Fold – AffinityPDFArtworker

Newsletter – AffinityPDFArtworker

Roll Fold – AffinityPDFArtworker