ALDC Artworker

ALDC Artworker is the new way to quickly and easily design professional leaflets online. It has a range of leaflets from FOCUS to surveys, letterheads, calendars, and calling cards.

  • It’s quick – it’s the fastest way to artwork your literature.
  • It’s easier and less technical than offline DTP packages.
  • It’s cheap – highly competitive pricing is available for everyone and ALDC members will always get it cheaper.

Find out how you can make a Focus leaflet in under 5 minutes here:

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We have a suite of 100s of searchable best practice templates, split across 10 categories – which we regularly add to – and feature in our weekly ALDC member email and Local Campaigner. The easy to use designs, from Focus to annual reports, will save you valuable campaigning time and they’re suitable for all Lib Dem campaigners, no matter your level of experience and regardless of your campaign (local or national).

See this page’s featured resources feed for the most relevant and recently created templates.
For ALDC members only.

Grants and financial support

We administer and raise funds for a number of grant schemes to help Liberal Democrats campaign. Each year we distribute over £130,000. Our grant and fund schemes include: G8, ALDC Fighting Fund, local by-election fast track grant, start-up grants and our ALDC local election appeal fund.

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Campaign content

We provide ideas, inspiration and content to aid your campaigning on local and national issues. Whether you’re after a web story, council motion or an infographic; our regular campaign content will provide you with the necessary resources to use for your local campaigning. Keep an eye on our weekly member email, Local Campaigner, where we feature our latest campaign ideas.

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Council motions

We share good council motions that we receive so that you can re-use them for your area.

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MyCouncillor website

ALDC members can get hold of their own free website to support their online campaigning and talking to voters. You can tailor your site to your needs and time; use it to its full blogging potential, or simply as an online business card. You can choose to use it as a personal website or to represent your ward or local campaign team.

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Resources Library

We have a library containing hundreds of different resources which we add to on a weekly basis and feature in our weekly member email, Local Campaigner. It also houses practical items such as logos and fonts; resources for agents, membership secretaries and to help keep your council group on the right track. It’s for ALDC members only, searchable and is split into six categories. See this page’s featured resources feed for the most relevant and recently produced resources.

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