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Tuesday, 27th March, 2012

The 2010 General Election ManifestoPrior to the Coalition ALDC had very few requests for information about policy other than material to rebut the national Labour and Tory attacks on ourselves. When out of government this was reasonably straight forward exercise. In the fast moving media environment that we now inhabit it’s a tougher job.

So where can ALDC members and candidates access the information they need?

Lib Dem policy

  • The policy library is in the members area of the Party website and covers policy made at conference and national manifestos etc.
  • Lib Dem 2010 general election manifesto
  • Wales 2011 manifesto for the Assembly elections
  • Scotland 2011 manifesto for the Scottish parliament  

Coalition Policy
The full text of the Coalition agreement is on the party website.
On the party’s website there is, available to download, a two page guide (colour) to the Liberal Democrat policies that are being implemented by the Coalition Government.  Day to day issues.
Obviously the government is announcing initiatives on a day to day basis. Probably the best way for key campaigners to keep up is using the Early Bird Briefings. It is a daily breakfast email briefing that contains the morning’s national and Liberal Democrat headlines, talking points and diary items. If you’d like to receive it, please email Helen Duffett  Rebuttal and Campaigning issues

  • Material is produced by ALDC available on our website, usually in the Campaigner Section and send out in our weekly members email.
  • The Elections and Skills department have templates and standard letters on the “Huddle”

John Bridges March 2012

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