Local Elections 2024: Shape the future of our communities

Remember the sensation of 2023? We secured 407 new councillors and took the reins of 12 councils. Beyond the numbers, we established administrations across dozens more councils and kept winning in by-elections, unseating both Labour and the Conservatives time and time again.

🚀 The Momentum is Ours! 🚀

As we approach Thursday, 2 May, the stage is set for an even more defining moment. It’s our chance to paint more regions gold in the local elections before the monumental general election.

Our Ambition: Your Role

We’ve set our eyes on a goal: £30,000. This isn’t just a number—it’s our ticket to communicating directly with key voters across 200 pivotal wards. In razor-thin contests, your contribution might very well tip the balance.

Be the difference. Let’s ride the momentum together and make 2024 another year to remember.

Every penny counts:

The Power of Your Donation: Direct Impact in Our Crucial Battlegrounds

💡 What does your support translate to? 💡

  • £25: Enables us to craft, print, and prepare 100 targeted mailings, ensuring our message resonates in a pivotal ward.
  • £50: Covers the design of mailings for a ward, making certain our voice stands out.
  • £100: Guarantees our message reaches the doorsteps of 175 households through postage.
  • £500: Amplifies our reach, allowing two dedicated sets of impactful squeeze mailings to be sent to a ward.

Every penny helps make a difference. Let’s create a lasting impact together.

Did you know? In 2024, we have:

  • 107 English councils hosting local elections.
  • 9 mayoral elections.
  • Thousands of principal council seats in the balance.

Why Your Donation Matters:

We are the backbone of the Liberal Democrat’s local election campaigns. Through thick and thin, we’ve supported candidates for decades, and ignited change in places still awaiting their first Liberal Democrat councillor.

Your donation won’t just be a number.

Every penny fuels our mission. 100% goes to clinching council wards.

Your Impact?

Picture this: Waking up on Friday, 3 May, to resounding election victories. Your support becomes the catalyst for the momentum we need, gearing up for the critical General Election.

Easy Donation Options:

While online contributions are quick and efficient, if you’re more comfortable with traditional methods:

💌 Send a cheque payable to ALDC: Local Election Appeal ALDC, 2.07 Boat Shed 16 Exchange Quay, Salford M5 3EQ

Join us. Shape our communities’ tomorrow. Every contribution, big or small, makes a monumental difference.