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Local Elections – Results and Thanks

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Friday, 8th May, 2015

ALDC supports Liberal Democrat candidates and campaigners across the country ALDC supports Liberal Democrat candidates and campaigners across the country

ALDC members have been sharing results and stories from today’s local election counts over in the ALDC Facebook Group.

The BBC is maintaining a comprehensive overall list of local election results for all parties.

On the whole, our local results have proven much more resilient than the parliamentary results initially indicated. Examples so far (as of 5pm Saturday) include:

  • Holding the mayoralty in Bedford
  • Retained control of Oadby & Wigston and Eastbourne Councils
  • Eight seats held and one gained on Lib Dem-run South Lakeland District Council
  • Gains from Labour in the North West of England (Holyrood Ward, Bury; and Milnrow & Newhey, Rochdale), alongside successful defences in Oldham (3), Bolton (1), and Preston (1).
  • Strong gains in York taking our group to 12 seats (with Labour losing overall control in the process)
  • Resilience in some North East contests – four seats held (out of six) in Newcastle, and three seats held in Darlington.
  • Eleven councillors elected in both Mendip and Teignbridge; Eastleigh Council held comfortably; five wins in Chelmsford; 16 seats won in South Gloucestershire, 8 seats held in Luton, 10 seats in Cotswold, 12 seats held in North Devon, 9 seats in Chesterfield and 5 in Sheffield.
  • Five (out of five) successful defences in Cambridge.
  • We have gained a seat in South Northamptonshire to take our group to four, having won our first seats on the council just four years ago.
  • Well done particularly to those single councillors who have managed to hang on against the odds when they’ve lost or failed to gain colleagues, these include Simon Werner (Windsor & Maidenhead), George Koowaree (Ashford), Julia Cherrett (Stockton-on-Tees), Nigel Porter (Leicester), Fiona Martin (East Lindsey), Michael Rodgers (East Staffordshire), Andrew Ellwood (Gedling), Marion Bland (Lichfield), Michael Wyatt (North West Leicestershire), Bill Revans (Sedgemoor)

We’d like to thank all of our local election campaign teams across the country for their hard work and dedication.

Well done to our winners, commiserations to our losers, and thank you all for your service.