Ed Stephenson

Head of Operations

Abi Bell

Business Development Manager

John Bridges

Finance and Database Organiser

Cllr Alex Warren

Membership and Communications Organiser

Andrada Ben Hamed

Volunteering and Events Organiser

Councillor Alan Good

Campaigns and Communications Intern

Richard Cole

Head of Development

Cllr James Calder

Development Officer: Scotland

Cllr Thom Campion

Development Officer: England

Zöe Franklin

Development Officer: England

Cllr Caroline Leaver

Development Officer: England

Cllr Glyn Preston

Development Officer: Wales

Extended ALDC Team

ALDC also partner with regional parties to manage a team of Regional Development Officers who support campaigners across the country.

Stuart Brown

Regional Development Officer, South Central

Theo Brown

Regional Development Officer, Devon and Cornwall

Cllr Thom Campion

Regional Development Officer, North East Region

Cllr Hannah Perkin

Assistant Regional Development Officer: South East

Cllr Stephen Lambert

Campaign Support Officer: East Midlands