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ALDC is re-running our popular New Councillor webinar programme in July – as the previous set of webinars was interrupted by the General Election.

May’s local elections saw over 500 Lib Dem councillors elected – and a net gain for the party of over 100 council seats. Of course we carried that momentum over to the General Election achieving our best result in a century.

Over half of our newly elected MPs were councillors – and many were elected in areas in which we have a major local government presence. Strong councillors and council groups are the bedrock of the gains we make at parliamentary level.

New Councillors Programme

Our new councillors webinar programme consists of five webinars from mid to late July that each focus on an important part of being a councillor – such as casework, data protection, working with officers, building relationships within your ward and much more.

They are essential for newly elected councillors, but also very useful to existing councillors who want to pick up a few new tricks. All Lib Dem councillors, from all tiers of local government, are welcome.

Our webinars are completely free to attend – you just need to register in advance which you can do on the links below. Each session is repeated at 12.30pm and 5pm. Once you register you will be sent a zoom code for that session. We recommend attending all sessions.

  1. The People and the Communities You Represent – 19 July 2024
  2. Managing Casework – 22 July 2024
  3. GPDR for Councillors – 24 July 2024
  4. Navigating Your Council – 26 July 2024
  5. Public Speaking – 29 July 2024

Robert Wilson Grebby says

Good idea, but I cant attend the day meetings (I often work 08:30 to 17:00 daily M-F) and cant make it physically at the weekend sessions.

Can meeting sessions not be arranged for team talk type slots, for new recruits to dial in on the weekend slots?

Ruth Clifton says

I'd love to attend, but the sessions are at times I'm working. Are the sessions recorded?

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