General Election Templates

We don’t know when the General Election will be called, but you can start preparing now for your Election Communication delivery.

Every General Election candidate is entitled to a free Royal Mail delivery to each voter in the constituency, known as the Election Communication. This is something for every seat to take advantage of. It gives you a full constituency delivery without any leg work from local activists.

We have created a huge variety of templates for you to use for your election communication including addressed and unaddressed leaflets, addressed mailings and postcards.

Voters can only receive one communication each. So you can either send an unaddressed communication to each household, or a series of addressed communications to each voter in the house.

Lib Dem printers Election Workshop have a number of print and pricing options available to fit your needs.

If you sign up for your Election Communication printing with Election Workshop by Wednesday 6 March you will receive a 10% discount on your printing. ALDC members also receive an automatic £100 discount on your order.

You can find everything you need on the link below:

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