Webinar: Making the most of the Three Leaflet Deal – 15 January 2024

Each year printers Election Workshop and ALDC offer a ‘Three Leaflet Deal’ to get three core items of March / April Election Literature at inflation busing prices.

We will be running the offer again in 2024. Templates for the Three Leaflet Deal have already been released and can be downloaded here. These are a Flying Start Leaflet, an A3 Map Leaflet and an A4 Leaflet.

These will be delivered back to you to fit within election expenses and meet key deadlines such as postal voter polling day.

More information will be released soon allowing you to sign up.

ALDC and Election Workshop are delivering webinars on ‘Making the most of the Three Leaflet Deal’ on Monday 15 January at 12.30pm and 5pm.

These are completely free to attend. You just need to sign up in advance and you’ll be sent a link. Please click on the button below to register.

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