Local Election Timetable 2024

The Electoral Commission has published the timetable for the 2024 Local Elections. This contains key dates around nominations, voting and postal voting registrations and election expense deadlines.

There will be important local elections in England on 2 May – with principal, mayoral, police and crime commissioner and town/parish council elections taking place.

You can download the full timetable from the Electoral Commission here.

Some of the key dates are:

Last date Notice of Election can be published: Tuesday 26 March
Deadline for submitting Nomination Papers: 4pm on Friday 5 April
Deadline to register to vote: Tuesday 16 April
Deadline for Postal Vote applications: 5pm on Wednesday 17 April
Deadline for Proxy Vote applications: 5pm on Wednesday 24 April
Voter Authority Certificate application deadline: 5pm on Wednesday 24 April

POLLING DAY: Thursday 2 May

Deadlines for submitting Election Expenses:
Thursday 30 May (for all Town/Parish Council elections)
Thursday 6 June (for results declared on 2 May)
Friday 7 June (for results declared on 3 May)
Monday 10 June (for results declared between 4 and 6 May)

The above timetable is the same for PPC and Mayoral elections with Election Expense deadlines being the same as principal local council elections and dependant on the date the result was declared.

Remember the deadline for emergency replacement of lost or spoilt postal ballot papers is 5pm on Polling Day.

The date postal ballots go in the mail will vary between local councils, so make sure to get in touch with your local authority to get this key information.

David Webb says

Very helpful checklist. Is there a time limit for payment of invoices ?

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