Leaflet of the Week 03/01/24 – Nottingham

At ALDC we like to share the best examples of local Lib Dem leaflets from around England, Scotland and Wales.

This week’s Leaflet of the Week comes from Nottingham Lib Dems. This is a really good attack-style Focus leaflet that hits hard with a main story about the council’s Section 114 notice.

It’s also a great example of year round campaigning. Though there are currently no Lib Dems on Nottingham Council we fell just 62 votes short of winning this ward in May. The next local elections are 2027 but the local Lib Dem team are already campaigning hard to secure a win next time.

That’s really inspiration so well done and congratulations to the team in Nottingham.

You can download the leaflet here.

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Send entries for next week to Charles Quinn at charles.quinn@aldc.org

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