Elect Her support for Women Candidates standing in 2024

The below message is from Elect Her – who support women candidates from all political parties to get elected in the UK.

I’m writing to let you know that we have further expanded this support so as well as Equip Her our programme of free training and resources, we are also able to offer Fund Her grants towards personal expenses incurred in the campaign. Our support is for women standing in the upcoming general election and local elections taking place in 2024, including those not yet selected.

Candidates report that our multi-partisan approach aids them once in elected office working with colleagues to achieve effective change. Together we hope our work complements the support your party already have on offer. 

We look forward to aiding some of your candidates as they go through their election campaigns, and hope that you can pass this information on to women candidates in your party preparing for the local and general elections so that together we can help them thrive. 

As always, do let us know if there is anyone who isn’t copied in on this email that we should be in touch with.

Best wishes,  

Katie McSherry
Project Manager – Elect her

What Elect Her have available for women candidates

Fund Her – Grants for candidates

We at Elect Her are passionate about supporting women for whom finance is a barrier on their political journey. Our Fund Her grants are for £500 each and support women candidates with the personal expenses associated with campaigning. Last year we gave out grants to 22 candidates. Grants were typically spent on childcare, transport, food, heating or other bills, clothing, footwear and mobility aids.

To find out more and apply go here

Deadline: 9am Monday 15th January

To be eligible to apply for a grant, applicants must be:

  • A woman preparing to be a candidate in an election in 2024, or the upcoming general election
  • Experiencing financial barriers, and/or struggling with personal expenses
  • Actively seeking to address the needs of their community
  • Clear on how being elected would aid them to better address the needs of their community or make the positive change they want to see

Applications from women from a group, background or life experience that is currently underrepresented in politics, including but not limited to women from a minoritised ethnic group or religion, women with disabilities/long-term health conditions and LGBTQIA+ women, will be prioritised in how we will award the grants.

Equip Her – Free training and resources for candidates

Elect Her’s Equip Her Programme offers online training, resources and community to women candidates who are preparing for elections in 2024 and the general election. The offer includes live sessions, self led resources and Q and A drop ins. Sign up here!

Registering for Equip Her gives women candidates access to two strands of support:

  1. Online resources: 
  • Campaign in a Box: Self-led training on running an election campaign
  • Online Safety and Digital Self Defence: Self-led training on online safety
  1. Regular live online sessions led by experts:
  • LEARN: Live skills-based training workshops
  • ASK: Live Q and A clinics
  • CARE: Live self-care for service sessions

Our multi-partisan approach means that women: 

  • Have a safe-space to ask questions and explore challenges away from the campaign, building their confidence and expertise
  • Are championed for who they are – not what they do or stand for
  • Develop skills in cross-party collaboration which sets them up for effective working once in office
  • Last year 54% of women who accessed Equip Her support were elected. 

Support Her – Coaching for women once elected

Did you know we offer elected women in our community support too? Candidates who are signed up to Equip Her, if elected can continue to access resources and community once in office, through the Support Her programme including:

  • A professional coaching programme worth over £2400 
  • Bi-monthly gatherings for networking and peer support
  • Training workshops

Another good reason for candidates to sign up to the Equip Her programme!

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