Campaign Pack: Members & Volunteers

The Liberal Democrat party is built on our volunteers. This is a good time to reflect on the work volunteers do in our local parties, and what we do to recruit volunteers, show our appreciation and keep them engaged.

This campaign pack gathers together templates, resources and advice articles to help you look after your members and volunteers.

Members and Supporters Newsletters

Keeping in regular contact with members and supporters is a must. Members and Supporters Newsletters are a great way to include a lot of news and information in an interesting format.

Send these beyond your membership to supporters too (such as deliverers, donors, clerical helpers). It will make your volunteers feel more involved and make them more likely to join the party. You can find templates below:

New Member Pack

Once a new member joins your local party get in touch with them straight away. A phone call to introduce yourself always goes down well. Sending them a New Member Pack full of useful information and contacts would make them feel very welcome. Again think about sending these beyond your membership to volunteers too.

Members’ Survey

You should regularly ask members and volunteers what changes they would like to see in the local party, and auditing all the skills they have to help. A Members’ Survey is a great way to do this. You can send one separately, or include a survey with Members’ Newsletters and New Member Packs.

Resources for Volunteers

Take the time to give volunteers extra support with their roles. For instance make sure deliverers have delivery maps with their rounds and an instruction note.

You can all sorts of volunteer resources in on our Campaign Resources page.

Advice Articles

These articles go into greater depth about recruiting and retaining volunteers.

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