Approval and Selection Toolkit

Over 100 English councils have local elections in 2024.

If you have local elections in May, and you are yet to formally select candidates, now is the time to do it.

Our Approval and Selection Toolkit takes you through every step of the process and provides downloads of all the resources you need – such as template local party letters, advice and example questions for panels, information for returning officers and much, much more.

Paul Schofield says

Hi, I took the 2 session LRO training at the September LD conference. We were promised an email with info sheets from the training plus the contact details of the ALDC trainer. Unfortunately I have not received this, nor the Lighthouse accreditation. It is now urgent as we (West Northants Lib Dems) have found ourselves with a contested council candidates situation. The trainer offered hand-holding during first timers running a selection and I'd be grateful for that.
LD member 8779473

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