Leaflet of the Week 15/11/23 – Salford

Each week at ALDC we like to share a great leaflet produced by a local Lib Dem team as our Leaflet of the Week. Please share your best leaflets with us here.

This week’s winning entry comes from Salford Lib Dems. Congratulations on winning Leaflet of the Week!

This addressed leaflet (a great idea if you are campaigning in an area with lots of high-rise flats, HMOs, high voter turnover) celebrates the success of a big local campaign to introduce late night trams. It thanks local people for their support and shows the importance of communicating clearly at every stage of a campaign – at the start, during, and at the end!

You can download a PDF of the leaflet here.

To see all of the previous winners of Leaflet of the Week, click here.

Send entries for next week to Charles Quinn at charles.quinn@aldc.org

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